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Do you have any questions regarding our brand, products, shipping, or anything else?Please find below the most frequently asked questions or send us an email on [email protected] today!

Who are Neuro Active products for?

Our products are designed for the people that care for their optimised cognition and are firm believers that a great mind is the key to a great life! Whether you are an elite athlete, a hustling entrepreneur, a student, or a health-conscious parent, Neuro Active products will help you achieve your mental goals faster, with a breeze!

How are your products going to help me?

All of Neuro Active's premium formulations or essential products help you achieve your mental goals on daily basis! Whether its at work, at university or whilst doing sport - take full advantage of your potential and finish what you've started.

With carefully compiled formulas and performance concepts, Neuro Active helps you to:

  • process information quickly,
  • focus on your goal,
  • devote all of your energy to reaching your goals,
  • rest sufficiently so that you're mentally ready to start again.
  • What is special about Neuro Active?

    Mental performance is becoming increasingly important in today's society. We are among the pioneers that have developed a holistic performance supplement concept for the mental area. Our products are all compatible with each other and help you to sustainably increase your mental performance. We make full use of the power of nature and use only natural ingredients of the highest quality when manufacturing our products.

    How do you ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of your products?

    We are committed to researching and developing absolutely the best supplements based on well-researched, safe, and effective ingredients to provide the desired benefits.
    Our supplements are the result of advanced scientific understanding combined with complex testing and analysis. We take a holistic approach to human biochemistry and physiology for optimal cognitive performance, sleep, and health.

    Every product has a science-based formulation to ensure maximum efficacy and no side-effects. We take into account all available research to find the optimal ingredients for our supplements.
    Our products consist of top-quality ingredients sourced from reputable partners. Such components are always tested for purity. We put quality and efficacy first.
    Our formulations are free of GMOs, banned substances, drugs, synthetic additives, artificial colors, and other unnecessary ingredients and fillers.
    We show the amount of all ingredients that you can find in our supplements. We think that transparency is vital.
  • What are nootropics?

    Nootropics are brain boosters, natural or synthetic compounds that help enhance your mental performance. Nootropics can modulate multiple brain pathways to support memory, focus, concentration, attention, motivation, relaxation, stress resistance, alertness, and other cognitive functions. Most nootropics also help promote long-term brain health.

    Are Neuro Active products natural?

    Yes, all active ingredients (and flavours when applicable) in all Neuro Active products are either naturally occurring or derived from naturally occurring substances.

    How long do I have to take Neuro Active products before I can feel an improvement in my mental performance?

    Please take our products for at least 20 days in a row in order to enjoy to benefits of the accumulation effect. Please use the products daily, because only then your body can adapt to the ingredients and exploit them optimally. We pursue a sustainable approach of performance optimisation and therefore deliberately refrain from stimulants, which have only short-term effects. The only stimulant in our formulas is caffeine, which can be found in our IGNITION product in small amounts.

    Are Neuro Active products suitable for long-term use?

    Yes, all of our products are suitable for long-term use! In fact, most of the products show greater results when taken long-term - clinical studies show that most of the ingredients that are included in our product formulations have accumulative effect on the cognition of the individual and increase they potential over time.

    What should I keep in mind when taking a Neuro Active product?

    Since every product covers a different area of application, there is a different recommended daily intake for each product. All products can be taken individually or combined as a holistic concept of a brain performance support. On the respective product pages you can find information outlining how to take each product in order to achieve the best affects for reaching your mental goals. The recommended daily intake can also be read on the products themselves. If you have further questions on the use of a particular product, please get in touch with our service team.

    Will I become dependent on any of Neuro Active products?

    While you may get used to the great cognitive benefits that our products give you, none of our products have addictive properties or ingredients in its formulation.

    Are there any adverse side-effects to any of Neuro Active products?

    There are no common adverse side-effects to any of our products. However, in the unlikely event that you experience ill effects, consult your doctor.

    Are Neuro Active products legal?

    Yes, all of the ingredients in any Neuro Active product are sefe and legal, all over the world. All products are free of banned substances highlighted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and it can be taken as safe, legal cognitive enhancers by professionals and amateurs alike.

    I have an existing medical condition - are Neuro Active products safe to take?

    If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please consult with your qualified health professional for guidance prior to using any Neuro Active products.

    Can I take Neuro Active products with any other supplements?

    It is impossible to say since we don't know which other supplements you are taking. Some nutrients can enhance while others may block biochemical pathways. We recommend consulting your doctor or healthcare provider if you are taking any prescription medicines.

    Are Neuro Active products safe for pregnant women?

    Our products are not recommended for pregnant women, or women that are currently breastfeeding.

    Are Neuro Active products suitable for children?

    Neuro Active products are not recommended for individuals under the age of 18.

    Where are your products made?

    All of Neuro Active products are proudly formulated and produced in the European Union, in a GMP compliant facility.

    Is it safe to take expired Neuro Active products?

    We recommend against taking products past their expiration date.

    Do I need to cycle Neuro Active products?

    No, our premium formulations do not contain any harmful or habit forming ingredients, and for that reason you can take our products daily without cycling.

    Is there a money-back guarantee option?

    Yes! All orders purchased from our website are backed by our 30-day 100% money back guarantee from the date of purchase. Please note, that no shipping costs will be refunded. If in the unlikely event you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact [email protected] and we will process your eligibility for a refund. Any additional bottles must be returned unopened for a refund (shipping & handling charges are not refundable).

    How should I store my Neuro Active products once opened?

    We recommend you keep your supplements sealed in a cool and dry area, away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of young children.

    Are Neuro Active products available for purchase in retail stores?

    All of our products are currently only available online on our store, and we are working on expanding our network of online retailers.

    How can I review a product that I've used?

    If you’ve bought one of our products and would like to leave a review, great! Just head over to the product page and leave your comment under the review section.

    I have other questions!

    If you have further questions, please do not hesitate send us an email to [email protected] at any time - or chat with us on Facebook.
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